General Information

At the end of February 2014, the COST action on Disaster Ethics and the University of Copenhagen's excellence program for interdisciplinary research project "Changing Disasters" organize a common workshop on Disaster Justice.

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Workshop description

When ethical decisions are made on a recurring basis, it becomes clear that such decisions should not be taken as a series of individual choices made under conditions of urgency or necessity, but as decisions that should be taken as a proper object for justice. Situations relevant for such an order obviously include concrete decisions of allocation and prioritization in case of resource scarcity or triage, but also principal questions of overall distribution and procedure within humanitarian aid and the exercise of "backward looking" institutional justice in the aftermath of disasters and social (in)justice.

To start addressing these vital issues, we invite you to participate in a workshop that will lead to a theoretically-rich, yet directly related, discussion as to how such considerations can be approached in practice.


The workshop will take place from 27-28 February 2014 in Copenhagen. It is organized in cooperation between the COST Action IS1201 on Disaster Bioethics and University of Copenhagen's excellence program for interdisciplinary research project "Changing Disasters" (

The aim of the workshop is to investigate the meanings of disaster justice and how it shapes the various issues and problems associated with preparing, responding and recovering from disaster in a coherent and ethical manner. The workshop will take place over two days, with four specialized sessions focusing on central areas/topics related to disaster justice.

Call for Papers

The COST network covers travel expenses for up to 10 members of COST Action IS1201. In accordance with the COST guidelines preference will be given to early-career researchers, contributing to the program.

Deadline for abstracts (300-500 words): November 1, 2013 at 12.00 CET.

Please find a tentative program and the full CfP with contact details in the attached PDF document.