The Instituto de Ética Clínica Francisco Vallés of the Universidad Europea de Madrid invite you to participate at the workshop Research ethics in disaster: The challenge of vulnerable subject on 7-8 October 2014

Workshop Description

This will be a joint workshop organised by the COST Action on Disaster Bioethics and Instituto de Ética Clínica Francisco Vallés, Universidad Europea de Madrid. The aim of the workshop is to "fuse" two kinds of scholars: veterans with extensive experience in humanitarian and disaster medicine on one hand with a diverse group of bioethicists and other relevant disciplines (such as sociology of medicine). In order to initiate a concrete joint research we focus on three kinds of vulnerable patients: (1) mother-infant dyad, adolescents, and (3) patients with pre-existing psychiatric disorders (e.g. chronic schizophrenia, autism).

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The Medicine, Ethics, Society and History unit of the University of Birmingham invites you to attend a workshop, entitled "The Ethics of Health Security", on the 25-26 June 2014.

Workshop Description

The past ten years have seen rising interest in the intersection between health and security. This workshop will explore the normative dimensions of global health security by bringing together moral philosophers, security studies scholars and humanitarian and military medicine practitioners.
Topics to be addressed include:

  • assessing the concept of global health security and its relationship to other concepts such as health promotion and
  • the right to health;
  • analysing the way in which resources are allocated within and between health emergencies;
  • the interface between security policy and new biotechnologies; and the potential ethical challenges which arise when providing healthcare in a conflict zone.

Practical Information

The workshop will be held in Room 224 of the Learning Centre (Building R28) at the University of Birmingham. A short abstract, program and directions to the workshop can be downloaded here.

The workshop is free to attend, but in order to determine numbers for catering please register your interest with Jon Herington,
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), before 23 June.

Some Action members have signed an open letter to EU citizens and politicans concerning:

An open letter to EU citizens and politicians

Between May 22 and 25, 2014, EU citizens will elect new members to the European Parliament.
We are researchers who have come together through an EU-funded COST Action project on ethical issues in disasters. We work in the fields of disaster medicine and ethics. As EU citizens, we believe that the EU response to the global refugee crisis violates human dignity. We urge our fellow EU voters to ensure that the candidates they support have shown clearly their adherence to the visionary and humane principles upon which the European Union was founded.

This letter has be reproduced or referred to by the following sources:

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The page on the upcoming Malta Conference has been updated and contains now

  • The preliminary programme
  • A link to the registration form for the conference (please register!)

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We invite members to submit applications for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs).

An STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission) is an opportunity for individuals to contribute to the COST Action strategy by way of visiting an institution to strengthen existing networks and foster collaboration. An STSM must specifically contribute to the objectives of Action IS1201 (see MoU while also benefiting the grantee. The duration of an STSM can be between 5 and 90 days. A small number of members may apply to visit another member's institution at the same time.

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  • Have you ever experienced, during your work, situations that made you feel morally uncomfortable?
  • Have you been forced by the circumstances to chose between options which did not seem right to you?
  • Have you felt to be confronted with a moral dilemma?

Have you ever experienced such a problematic situation in your professional life? If so, please share it with our research group and let your experience inspire our work.

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