Target Audience

This COST Action targets academic and non-academic end users. Various academic research centres and researchers will be brought together through the Action. These come from a wide range of countries across Europe, and include some non-COST countries. The academic projects will be targeted towards early stage researchers and ensure gender balance is taken into account. The Action will produce information that is useful for policy-makers and international relief agencies.

Other non-academic end users include healthcare humanitarian organisations and disaster responders. Given that many individuals may find themselves faced with disasters, the resources available on the Action website will include some targeted at the general public. An explicit effort will be made to have the resources available in a number of languages.


How to Join the COST Action Disaster Bioethics

If you want to join the action, there are several options and ways to do so, depending on the involvement that you aim at.

  • Stay informed
    Subscribe to our newsletter, come back to this site, or follow us on facebook.
  • Visit one of the conferences
    Check the respective pages about details and registration. Conferences are usually open to all interested people with a relevant professional background. However, funding of travel expenses etc is usually not granted.
  • Become a general member
    If you are working in the domain of the COST action, you can apply to become a member of the action. Further details in the next section on this page.


Join as General Member

As all COST Actions, the Disaster Bioethics action is open to anyone with relevant experience and interest joining as a general member. These could be professors or postgraduate students, other researchers or disaster responders in COST countries, people with relevant expertise or experience in other parts of the world outside of COST countries, etc.
General members can receive news and announcements from the Action and are able to access all relevant parts of our website. If they wish, they can engage in the work of the Working Groups and attend our conferences. However, general members will usually have to fund their own travel from other sources than COST. For each event, the Management Committee of the action will decide how many general members can be funded and how they will be selected.

If you want to become a general member, please download the application form and send it back to the address given in the document. You will be contacted as soon as possible and informed about your membership.